I don't know the question

Woody Allen

but SEX is definitely the answer. 

Sensual learning from the privacy of your own home. 

Have you ever dove deep while laying in your bed at home?

I invite you to travel to the depths with me.

All while never leaving the safety and comfort of your own space. 


These soul teachings are weekly sessions,

Where we meet once a week and  I give you the tools

you need to vibrate your inner essence,

traveling through your nervous system out through your veins.

Exploding into a fiery passion of pleasurable yet needed change.

Each week you will meet personally with me via Zoom,

where I will teach, guide, and instruct you through

the inconceivable validity of the creative force that resides within you.


You will receive home play activities each week,

where play becomes all-encompassing literally challenging your truth,

exploring your essential nature and tipping your sexuality towards, MORE...