Stroke Him Back into His body, His Power, His Truth, and His Knowing.

5 Strokes for a powerful hand job.

Written By: Sunshine Ryan

I know a secret. The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, but coursing through his cock.

Hang your apron up, babe, and allow us to move our attention from the kitchen to absolute admiration of his body.

Sexual desire can feel a lot like hunger. That yearning of being wanted, the flashbacks of the sensations, the urge of touching, caressing. Those reminiscent sounds of ecstasy, the feelings. Those cravings, to be rapture by pleasure.

His core desires need to be fed.

Feed him a delectable array of sensual main courses.

I say, feed the soul's appetite with some erotic conscious sensual touch that focuses on filling the entire body, from the root of his power source.

Feed his appetite with devoted attention, thoughtfulness, and our divine presence.

Give him the ultimate feast, an erotic gift. Celebrating him with a hand job fit for a king.

Let me introduce you to five stokes that will awaken and satisfy him, bringing him back into his body, his power, his truth, and his knowing.

The Grounding:

This touch pulls him back into the present moment anchoring him into his body. Place the base of your hand under the scrotum. Rest your hand softly on the perineum, creating a cup. This cup position allows for the scrotum to fill the palm of your hand. The fingers curl gently around the shaft and the head. Allow your free hand to reach up and touch his heart. Look into his eyes while taking a deepening breath. This move usually takes place when the penis is flaccid.

Around the Clock:

This technique increases functionality, flexibility, strength, and sensation.

The following four techniques were taught to me by Laurie Handlers and created by Joesph Kramer and Anne Sprinkles.

Start this technique with the cock lying on the belly. Use both hands to stoke from the base slowly upwards towards the glans. As you stroke, slowly move the penis, around the clock. Begin at the noon position. Move towards one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, and so on. When you reach four o'clock, and five o'clock extend your stroke to travel down the thigh brushing across his energy channels with your fingers. Note that, six o'clock may be uncomfortable for some men, be gentle with his cock, and listen or ask for feedback. The more you do this practice, the more flexible his penis will become. At seven o'clock, eight o'clock also extend this stroke down his thighs, as you did on the other side. Continuously stroke from the base towards the gland, as you move from the 9 o'clock position towards the noon position. Remember to breathe at each hour on the clock, and enjoy the sensations this practice brings.

Popping Bottles:

I want you to pretend that the head of the penis is a cork, and you are trying to pull that cork out of a wine bottle. Begin at the base of the cock. Pulling the skin down with one hand. Grasp and squeeze the shaft with the other hand. Remember to move consciously and slowly. Twist your hand slowly back and forth as you travel up the shaft towards the head of the glands. When you reach the head of the penis, slide the tip between your knuckles. Use your index finger and middle finger to twist and pull the glans of the penis. Penis owners love this. You will find that they like this slow and deep. Play with this and ask what feels best.

The Rainbow Rub:

This stroke focuses on the frenulum. The frenulum is a band of tissue that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis. It is a band, looks like a line, that stretches from the coronal head into the shaft. Hold and pull the skin back towards the base. With your free hand hold the glans of the penis, placing it between the palm and your fingertips. The frenulum should be facing the palm of your hand. Now squeeze your finger tightly until the heel of your hand slips over the top of the head. Then move your hand back and repeat.

The Phallus:

The phallus is one of my favorite strokes. Until now, the penis has probably been flaccid, which is want we want. We are doing healing work, promoting bonding while building trust. Orgasm is not the goal here. Our mission is to reawaken this man, allowing him to move from his mind down into his body. These methods introduce new sensations to him. Which helps envoke his power, his truth, and his knowing.

Use alternating hands to stroke his cock. Starting at the base flowing upwards towards the tip. Moving in an upwards motion slowly stroke up seven times, and then when you reach seven, stroke in a downwards motion for seven strokes. The next round will include six strokes upwards and six strokes downwards. These upwards, downwards strokes will repeat until count down to one. Once you get to one, you can start from the beginning, or move on to something different. Always remember to breathe, move slow, enjoy yourself and ask the receiver for feedback.

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