8 Juicy Ways to Set the Stage for Worship.

A Story of a Worship Sex Date

I knocked on the large dark rust and amber wooden door of room 1207. I looked left down the hall, took a breath as my nerves settled. I wanted everything the evening had in store, him, the touch, the kisses, the love in its rawness. I heard the door unlock, and then open. There he stood, this man, in all his splendor, his shirt unbuttoned, his skinny jeans, his abs, and that smile, welcoming me. “Hey beautiful,'' he says, smirking. Watching me closely as my eyes explored him first, then the room.

one: Create a place of worship

The room was alluring, the lights dim, the king-size bed cover in red rose petals, an arrangement of sex toys displayed on top of a red silk scarf was drape across the end. Chilled wine, two crystal glasses were placed on the nightstand. I noticed the clock, the phone, had been removed. The television covered. The room smelled of roses, lavender, and him. As I turned, I noticed the bathroom, a soaking tub full of pink rose petals and white foaming bubbles, both of which flowed over the edge of the bath onto the floor. Pillar candles were burning and placed auspiciously around the room. I turned back to look at him, and he only said four words, “Let me feed you.”

two: set the mood

Room service was already delivered, he ordered healthy light simple finger foods, He reached to grab a strawberry then traced it over my lips, I bit it, and the taste of the fruit awoke my senses. He laughed, asked me about my day. We began to talk. I ate, while exchanging in conversation, I started to become present, mellowing my mood, falling into my body. The more I made eye contact with him and noticed the effort he put in, the more I craved him, The more I trusted and just wanted to experience him. He turned his playlist on. Sensual music filled my ears. Our eyes flirted and he grabbed my hand, pulled me close to him, and he very lightly traced my silhouette, his hands tracing my aura, he tapped my chest and simply said, “breathe” then a pause, as the energy vibrated through me. Ever so softly he whispered to me, “I am here to worship you and take care of your every need. Tonight, you are my everything." With those words, I felt my body change. My mood started to let go of the day, the stress, the worry, my chakras felt more in alignment. I was ready for this. Then we sat face to face and breathed each other in while meditating.

All of our worries disappeared as we melted into each other.

”Let me bathe you goddess” He stated with certainty, and picked me up, and carried me into the bathroom.

three: Change into something sexy

“May I undress you?” he asked. Yes please, I replied. He spun me around and then unzipped my mini red cocktail dress, gently brushed each strap off my shoulder and allowed the dress to fall to the floor, and pulled me close to stepping me out of it. He knelt and unbuckled my heels, placing my hands on his shoulder for balance. Then he stood back up and kissed my cheek, wrapped his arms around me, unsnapping my bra, and pulled it towards him, then he laughed, “it's time for those panties”. Ever so slowly he traced the contours of my body until he reached my hips. And down they went, I could see him breathing me in. Then he said, “Enjoy a few moments of peace as I hang your clothes and rearrange things and then I'll wash your back.”

I think this is when time stopped and I finally decided to completely show up. I don’t know how much time passed but eventually, he said, I hung your silk robe on the door, when you're ready, I'll be waiting for you.” and then the door closed. When I emerged from the depths, feeling pampered, clean and fresh, I slipped my silk floral robe on and went out to be with him. He sat in his black Under Armour boxerjocks, in a tan leather chair, and just stared at me, smiling.

Beside his chair a table filled with sex toys, oils, and sensory playthings. Across from him, another chair was placed there, he singled me to sit.

four: Expressing desires, fears, and boundaries.

As I sat he expressed his intentions, then we created a circle of us. This is when we cut off the outside world and became focused on two things, he and I.

Then he openly expressed his desires, fears, and boundaries for the evening and then instructed me to do the same. After creating an understanding, set our safe words, he said to look over things on the table, anything you don’t want me to use on you, please place them on the floor, and they will not be used. And then he said, are you ready? I replied yes and then he said good, “Let me look at you”

five: witness them

I slowly turned towards him, I stood while he stayed sitting, and he just took me in, then simply said, “magnificent” then he led me to the bed. He repeated my intentions, filled me with affirmations, and words of encouragement. He relaxed me with his awareness, his attention to detail. During this time, hours flew by, he started slow, real slow, invoking every sense, he smelt me, tasted me, looked at me, listened to me, enjoyed me, touched every part of my body until it just melted allowing pure ecstasy to take over me.

six: Love them 100% in this moment

All of his focus was on making me feel exceptional. There was no deviating from this man's mission. He wanted to worship me, he wanted me to understand all of his strengths and possibilities. He wanted to lead me. He wanted to support me. He didn’t come here to take from me, the only mission was to build me up, and leave me in better condition than when he found me. 100% accepting, 100% devoted, 100% wanting, giving, and supporting. He wanted me to internalize how good it feels to be celebrated.

seven: Slow transition back

This journey was a rewriting of my body's story, I, from the beginning of this story am not the same person who is leaving. This powerful transmission needs a moment to settle in the flesh, into the mind, into consciousness. He removed his hands from my body slowly, wrapping the blankets around me to keep me from shivering. He made the room even darker than before, he changed the music, to something deep, rhythmic, and slow… He sat at the end of the bed and watched as I returned to my body. He said nothing, he just noticed the energy was still circling through me. Eventually rebirthing, I whispered “come here” and we began spooning.

eight: Aftercare

He held me strong, whispered my intentions, and affirmations once more. Then we talked about the experience, He told me how beautiful I am, how grateful he was, how magical this was, and of course, I started to laugh and tell stupid jokes. We were both high off each other. A damn beautiful experience. We pulled the room service tray closer, fed each other, drank water, and replenished ourselves with fruits, chocolate, and kisses.

He drew another bath, this time we got in together, I cleansed him, he bathed me, washed my hair, I positioned myself between his legs, and we laid there, soaking in each other, enjoying the company, the experience. As the night finished, we communicated if both of our needs were met. If there was anything else that needed to be said, any conflict that wasn't mentioned. There wasn’t. He laid my clothes on the bed and watched me as I dressed. We kissed once more, touched our forehead, and then we disconnected the circle of us, removing our anchors from one another.

I left there, perfectly recharged, feeling like a powerful goddess. Renewed, love appreciated, knowing I am a badass.

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