How to Have A Tantric Style Sex Date

My ideal lover would allow me to surrender to his needs. I love to please, satisfying my man, is a self indulgence that I cherish. I adore when my man can disconnect from his intelligence and fall into my form for an evening. The affinity connects us to the same wavelengths which, heighten my passions and creativity for life, to a scared dimension of ecstasy. It's the highest of highs, forming naturally, through the magic of two beautiful bodies, connected in a timeless, ageless, beautiful activity of making energy. It's at this moment with my lover that I am free, rewriting my wrongs, my disbelief, for I know that pleasure is the universal tool for healing. Sex is an expression of my deepest most treasured secrets, a dance of my persona, an acknowledgment of identity, and a chance to be seen.

I recommend setting up your sex date, Weekly for at least two hours, I prefer longer amounts of time three or more, but two hours at the very least. Try to schedule a date every Thursday Or Sunday, whenever, just make it easy to remember, habitual, and block that time out. I mean literally carve the time out of your week. No phone calls, no meetings, no interruptions. Make it known to everyone that at this certain time you are unavailable. I know we are all busy living, so it is important to make your sex life, sex date, the top priority. This should be on top of your todo list. Make the time for connection, for us, for togetherness, for touch, for lust, for you to completely unplug. Not just from the world, but from yourself. Come together in union to refill, and satisfy your desires and needs. Sex dates are medicine, this time should be carved out, to allow you to go deep and break open, without interruptions. Its freedom to explore each other's bodies, mind's, and soul, And make those heart to heart connections we are all craving for.

This date and time signify importance. It's an act of love, which makes a huge statement to your lover. You are repeatedly saying, I want you, and that you are willing to show up and be present for this person. If you want to have dinner or a movie before the sex date, allow the extra time. The allotted sex time is not up for debate or discussion, it's mandatory to spend the two or more hours in sexual engagement. If you have children, plan a time when they are away at school, or hire a babysitter, for every other Friday, possibly send them to your grandparent's house, if that is an option. Have them stay at a friend's house, put them to bed early on Tuesday's night. Make a do not disturb sign and have them entertain themselves for the evening or go to a hotel or anywhere you choose to get intimate with your lover.

Two or more hours of sex, Sunshine? that's impossible. One, if this seems like a long time, I advise you take my training. Also, let me explain why it should last this long. Have you ever had a massage? I recommend an hour in a half to all my clients because an hour just isn't long enough. It takes time for the body and mind to relax and open up for me to treat it properly. Our bodies are no different when it comes to sex. We need time to tune in and become present. A women's body takes time to become aroused, so a longer sex session allows women and men to shed their outer layers. It's like losing yourself in a good book or movie, the story starts slowly and builds and builds the storyline one page or frame at a time if you skip ahead you lose the meaning. There should be a beginning, a middle, and an end. A flow will take over, and you will begin to feel, and I mean feel each other, yourself, an awareness, a rawness, This build-up of energy revitalizes every cell in one's body. Lets down your psyche. This practice is a beautiful experience, where your false self falls away. A blissful state of many orgasmic and healing moments occur, We heal ourselves and each other in these moment. Extended sex play, leads to what is attainable. Sex is pleasure and pleasure, my loves, is medicine.

What will we do during our sex dates? Well, this is up to you, If you are not a tantric master, or a sexual champion, no worries. Let me paint a picture of delightfulness for you.

The Build up: During the week send text messages, about how you're looking forward to your time together. Make an itinerary. Literally, plan what you will wear, How you want to your skin to feel and smell, plan games, research new places to play with, have a new focus point, write down new positions to try, go out a buy new toys. Get yourself ready for your date. Think about learning and exploring each other, study how to better yourself and your skill. Question yourself, What does a good lover do? What would make me become a better lover? What would my lover like me do? Fantasize about the night, Use your imagination, on how to please each other, how to teach each other, how to teach self. A make a commitment to exploration.

Setting the mood:

Remember that you have five senses and that each one wants attention.

Sight: Clean up your space. Make it a place of worship. Your bodies are temples, make the space around you pleasing, relaxing, safe and welcoming. Also, how do you want to look, I look best with mood lighting, so candles are kinda my favorite.

Sound: Do you want to hear each other voices and moans or do you want to hear a little background music. I personally like a beat that I can bounce to when riding.

Smell: Again Candles are a great way to bring a pleasant smell into the room, incense or each other bodies, I love my man just a little stinky so I can smell his essence, so enticing.

Touch: What do you want brushing against your skin. Silk linens, soft hands, bare skin. How do you want your lover to touch you? Softly, slowly, with intention?

Taste: Bring something sexy to eat to share with your lover. Maybe a snack by the bed for a boost of energy. Think about how you will taste to your lover. Maybe use chocolate, or whip cream.

Connection: Also set yourself up mentally, Set up the perfect situation, go over boundaries, consent, fears, worries, wants and desire before you play, know that these can change at any time. Knowing this beforehand is helpful to know where each person is at, at the moment in time. Last week might have allowed for different things, be flexible. Set up words for slow down and stop. If an emotional breakthrough occurs, talk about what to do. I recommend doing partner meditations, breathing, connection, eye gazing, appreciations and intentions. This brings you together in the now, plus connects your heart beats, both mental, and neural pathways. This is the when time stops and only the two of you exist.

Playtime: Slow down, there is no reason to rush. Kiss every part of each other bodies. Sensual massage, blindfolded touch, fantasy talk, role play, lingam, or yoni massage, play with one body part of extended amounts of time. Play a sex games, play a pleasure game, try basic BDSM, learn to enjoy receiving and giving pleasure, Ride every number of the pleasure scale, and then break that scale as your body awakens with pleasure. After about an hour of good loving, I am transcendent, I feel erotic, wistful as the sexy lust pours out juicy passion, that rings through my body with such a strong force, it takes time to get me to this level of lust, and it takes a long time to bring me back down. But its worth it. These are the occasion I crave. This is why I recommend these long session, It allows for your orgasms to grow, no more blimps of climaxes, these are soul-shaking experiences of nirvana.

Aftercare: Take the time to talk about the experience with each other, likes and dislike. Hold each other, stay warm, maybe take a shower, and then close your bonding time together with a thank you.

Make sex dates a routine, once a week. I recommend also having quickies during the week, I believe morning sex is the best, and I strongly recommend it. There is something about making love as the sun rises that blows my mind. Also just like going to the gym, at first, it's easy, you are excited, then you get bored, as this is when it is so important to keep going. Your body over time will know that going to the gym makes it feel better, strong, and healthy. Just like Sex, over time your body, mind, and spirit will heal, strengthen, and grow in vastness from these sex session.

If you want to learn how to become more open, multi-orgasmic, last longer, or , for men, separate orgasms from ejaculation, or to become a tantric all-star, I highly suggest taking one of my classes. These will expand your skill as a lover. It will help you connect to yourself and naturally enhance your sexual abilities.

Happy Sex Dating, have fun...

Sunshine Ryan