The Resourceful Erotic Savant

I love the excitement and build up of getting ready for a sexual experience.The teasing and sexual flirty texts, Or my imagination of the possibly get my juices flowing. The pregame shower beforehand is exhilarating, I delicately shave and wash everything extra carefully, my skin gets a polish, dry brush and dipped in coconut oil with hits of lavender so that my skin is super soft and more importantly so I feel confident. I even let my mind and body wonder about what might happen. I dress for functionally, and I bring supplies that I need, so I can fully let go and enjoy myself.

I use to love one night stands, but these usually don't lead to satisfaction. Don't get me wrong, but I was in a different headspace when I use to partake in these experiments. I do recommend every female experience a few in their lifetime. They are all life-changing, may be both good and bad experiences, but always have been worth the lesson. As I have become more aware of my sexual needs, I need my men completely sober and willing to give me their full attention. Especially now that I practice tantra, I request more of them. Breathing exercises and connection are mandatory.

Some things I personally bring everywhere as a female, and always keep in my car. (emergency sex kit)

Music playlist (Yes I made my own, its saved on my cell phone)

Massage oil - because touch is my love language.

Homemade Natural Lube

Water-based lube to use with condoms

Skyn condoms- at least 3 - ( I use to be infatuated with this player and he taught me, 22 years ago, to always carry 3 condoms, that was the smartest advice he ever told me, took me this long to know the importance) I like Skyn condoms because latex condoms make me have a reaction.

Men take this serval different ways. Women don't usually protect themselves. Don't be stupid...Yes, sometimes I get questioned, some admire my responsibility, some starred at me, and i have even been sex/slut-shamed, this requires a discussion about respect. It's your choice to leave or stay at any point. But preparedness is worth it. I am more worry about myself. I only have one body and I take very good care of it. No one is worth getting sick over, or dying over.

I don't bring anyone over to my house. Because my house is for my children, it's their safe place, men aren't allowed in and out the front door.

Things I like to see at my lover's house.

Safety - do I feel safe in this space.

A clean house

A clean bathroom, including the toilet, I have to sit on it, clean it up.

A clean bed, with clean beddings, and extra pillows

Snacks, and drink options, always a full glass of water


A large towel

Clean towels next to the shower

Washcloths - to wipe hands, or whip other things with

Natural Lube, Water-based lube

Candles - for ambiance, and to enrich my sense of smell

When a lover is prepared, I know right away I am going to be in good hands. It's a symbol that I can let down my guard and express myself sexually.

Sunshine Ryan