Morning Rise - Lingam Exercise

This exercise is a practical daily practice for lingam(penis) owners. That will help you cultivate presence within yourself, physical understanding of your lingam, and show you how the mind has control over the body.

This is a basic practice and an enjoyable way to exercise and expand your mind and body for peak performance and increased sexual functioning and euphoria.

One should practice this exercise until it becomes habitual, or automatic, Some males will find that this exercise will be easy at first, but note that as time progresses this once-easy act will become more of a challenge as your enthusiasm begins to diminish. Something to keep in mind is that doing exercises like this over time will extend your sexual life and abilities by many years, simple exercises like this one are repetitive, and just like exercising any other muscles it helps to maintain good healthy muscle tone, strength, and condition of the lingam.

To start this exercise, one should have a clear mind, I recommend this be done in the morning after taking care of your morning hygiene regiment. This workout should be performed with your pants off. All electronics should be turned off, as this is internal work. At first, this practice may be done in the bathroom, because some men ( when beginning) find it useful to use cold water as a way to relax the lingam between the exercises.

If at all possible face the towards the rising sun.

Begin with coming present, take a few deep relaxing breaths. It's important your mind and body be relaxed, 5 to 10 deep belly breaths will help to achieve relaxation. Stand with your legs shoulder length apart and your arms resting by your side. If you feel the urge to touch yourself, place your hands behind your back. For this is a mental exercise, and your hands are not needed.

While standing relaxed "WILL" yourself into an erection. This erection should be hard enough to hold a hand towel. At first, mental fantasy may be used to cause an erection, as you become more skilled, this will become a choice. To be erect or not erect that is the question.

After you have achieved an endowed erection, you must return your erection to a relaxed state. Some men will think of things that turn them off to achieve this in the beginning, over time, like I said before this will become a choice.

The goal of this exercise to achieve an erection, relax it, and then re-acquire it, repeat this pattern until you have achieved four erection in a row. Each erection must be hard enough to support a hand towel.

To end the practice, place one hand on your genitals and one hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths, honor yourself, respect your practice, and then go on with your day.

Exercise Source: Tantric Yoga by Gavin and Yvonne Frost