What is Tantra?

Tantra is a source. An internal source use to heal ourselves. The vehicle for this source is pleasure. We use multiple forms of pleasure to rewrite and reestablish our old negative patterns with new healthy pleasure patterns.

Tantra is a spiritual science, a practice. Matter of fact, it is a yoga practice. An internal and external yoga practice that supplies you with the tools to rewrite your consciousness. Tantra can include both non-sexual and sexual practices that allow you to bathe yourself in your own bath of personal ultimate truth in order to reinstate balances and truth within one's life. All while ridding yourself from the five root poisons, anger, attachment, egotistical pride, jealousy, and ignorance. As a side bonus, Tantra also teaches you to have mind-blowing, life-changing sex, this supplemental bonus is just an additional benefit and is not the main goal of the practice. The practice is aimed to soothe, restore, rejuvenate, and rebuild your consciousness.

Tantra literally means to weave light and sound with form. Which means that we weave light, meaning visions, with sound, meaning mantras, with form, meaning the body. We work with our central channel, which is our life force energy. We tap into our life force energy and help it too vibrate using a variety of methods, or in my practice, we use the four pillars. The four pillars are meditation, movement, pleasure, and connection. These four pillars gently, and quickly rock your mind, body, and spirit back into aliment of your ultimate truth, whatever that may be for you.

Tantra is a general term, just like the word yoga, tantra has many lineages and type of practices. Each practice is different and diverse within their teachings and goals. I practice Tibetan Buddhist Tantra. Buddhist tantra, at one time, embraced, very much so, the femininity expression. This form of tantra valued, honored and adored women. This lineage of tantra was and is certainly about love, devotion, and the celebration of women, but also the recognition of all humanity, all living beings, as we reestablish our own paths towards realization.

In Authentic Tantra, we use the four pillars, Mediation, Movement, Pleasure, and Connection to rewrite and reestablish our old negative patterns with new healthy pleasure patterns

Meditation - Is the practice of connecting to our infinite self. This is where we can tap into our consciousness, and experience glimpses of enlightenment, inner peace, tranquility. Through our meditation practice, we can connect to our inner wisdom, strength, passion, and purpose in life. The underlying purpose of mediation is to cultivate presence.

Movement -

​Is unrestrained self-expression, be it a dance or movement practice it is essential to one's physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Movement is one of the easiest ways to reconnect to our human essence. When movement is experienced it allows for our conscious thinking mind to disconnect and disengage from our intellectual, thus reconnecting us to the inherent wisdom of our own bodies.

Pleasure - Experiencing pleasure, all sorts, allows us to come in contact with our source, and thus leads us to self-connection, self-empowerment, and self-love. Sexual pleasure, specifically orgasms will cause a moment of bliss. In the moment of orgasm, we are free, this freedom, this clarity brushes up our central channel, our life force energy, and is the fastest connection to divinity.

Connection - Is the most basic and core fundamental human need. Connecting with ourselves, with people, and with the world around us. Deep connection brings a clear, profound, unobstructed connection to our internal source of wisdom. A connection is an experience that will bring us back into our hearts, our fundamental wisdom and essential space.

When we weave the four pillars of our Authentic Tantra practice together we created a holistic shamanistic (energy based) modality that circulates our life force energy within our own bodies in order to heal the energy body, the physical body, and the higher self, we literally heal from the inside, outward. There isn't any other better medicine in the world, then pleasure. And pleasure is something you can create within yourself!