The Last Full Moon of 2018

What this means for you...

Capricorn Sun, Cancer moon

The ultimate yab yum, or ying-yang scenario, The Sun, and moon connected in oneness with the earth. The sun in Capricorn, representing the father, the masculine, of the zodiacs.The moon in cancer, symbolizing the mother, the feminine, of the zodiacs. The earth, you, being the beating heart between the two. As the energy and the waters swell towards the end of the year, your body, mind, and spirit prepare for the secrecy of a potent new year, 2019.

Capricorn and Cancer are cardinal signs, they bring balance to each other.

Cancer is water, while Capricorn is the earth. The sun is absorbing the energy of Capricorn and then shining its light, its warmth, its passion down onto you. While the moon is releasing its energy, grabbing your focus, almost demanding that you focus inward.

Having the full moon in Cancer, with all its glory on the longest night of the year will have us all feeling deeply emotional. It's a time to be truthful about our feelings. 2019 has no time for bullshit and stories. We can no longer believe our own lies. This moon, this transitions, will illuminate your inner emotional, repressed, unrevealed feels. You might even be surrounded by friends and family and feel completely lonely. Remember any feeling of grief, sadness, isolation will pass, it is more about excepting your truth and moving to pass it.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, she allows a safe place for your joy and fears. She wants to hold you and nurture you, feed you from her supple breasts and encourage your growth. A cancer moon wants you to love and appreciate you, but even more so she wants you to love and appreciate yourself. Cancer moon wants you to look at your life, your home, your self-esteem, your safety, and those people that have authority over you. What is a full moon in cancer teaching you? Honestly, she wants you to grow, release your woes, your pain, and suffering. Be bold, be sexy, be confident, know that you are becoming stronger and you are all that is needed to be safe in the world.

As the light of Capricorn shines down on all of us. We are preparing, and awakening, and working out what needs to be done. Capricorn wants to ground itself and take planned action too manifest the powerful year of 2019. Capricorns wants to connect with the sensuality of life, wants to help you create a more fulfilling life. The sun in Capricorn wants to share its personal energy with you. It wants you to know that you are most powerful when you are independent and not searching for others approval. It says to be humble, while tough and resilient. A Capricorn sun reminds us that we can push through the most complicated path and use or voices to make know our truths. This is the time to sit down and plan, dream and make goals for 2019.

By combing the two, Capricorn sun and cancer moon, during this time of celebration we get to experience greater respect and deeper appreciated for ourself, our friends, and our families. As our feelings die down over the next few days, we learn that we don't have to revert back to our old ways of thinking. Shit, things have changed, and no you are not the same person you were before, and this is perfectly okay. You will learn or have learned how to emotionally support yourself, and with steady emotions, we can dream bigger than before.

By combining Capricorn, cancer into yab yam. The ying-yang of the moon and sun, we can discover ourselves from the inside out. We can love what is happening inside of us, and let that lead us through what is happening outside of us. During this time, Choice becomes yours. Big changes will happen, allow them to pull you in new directions.

Here are some activities, rituals you can do to help you transition into the new year.

Detox your body - Fast, purify, and rebirth your body into 2019.

- eat healthily

- drink water

- don't eat when its dark outside.

- make yourself some healthy holiday treats, and don't stuff yourself

Go outdoors - play with nature

Cancel any social commitments you don't have the energy for.

Sensual self-massage

Take a detox bath - or just a relaxing bath

Make yourself laugh - listen or watch something funny. (this will help you channel through your emotions)

Write down old beliefs to leave behind.

Write what you want 2019 to look like.

Make your diet plans, join the gym, sign up for a self-advancement class. (I will have many this year

Do some energy work done - massage, reiki, meditation, any type of healing sessions.

Overall. just love yourself.

Because you are so fucking beautiful when you smile.

Written by Sunshine Ryan