Male Sexual Mastery 

The mind, body, soul, spirit, and sex of mastering male sexuality.  

I Have the Know-How you Need.


Male sexual mastery we will highlight everything need to enhance your sexual expertise. You will learn, study, and expand your skill and impressive sexual tantric forte. Be taught how to command, and catalyze your sexual energy, into creative conceptions of masculine liberation. Using a Tantric approach to indulge in total sexual gratification. 


the awakening of a 

tantric lover 

A journey into male sexual secrets that will deepen, enrich, and bring awareness to seekers that are ready to live up to their fullest potential. A practical useful toolbox that not only will transform everyday life, but is an experience of alchemy, that offers pure ecstasy to those ready to devour its potency.  This soul session builds stamina, teaches you how to become multi-orgasmic, and teaches you how to become a master cock elite. 

The most powerful form of energy in our body is sexual energy and a Tantric man has learned and is able to activate, accumulate, and consciously use his own sexual energy. 





when you learn how to harness that gift, you become exceptional in all aspects of your life. 


Sexuality is, in most cases, one of the greatest factors in a man’s life.  I'll bet one of the first things to cross your mind today was sex. And that is ok! Living a fulfilling sex life is ok! There is nothing wrong with your sexual energy.  Don’t suppress it,  Learn to master it and benefit from it.  Become a master of your potential.


The essence of a tantric man...

There is nothing I crave more than a tantric man.

Seriously, once you go tantra, there is no going back!


For me personally, A tantric man is where I can fall completely into my feminine and experience expansive freedom.


This man knows self-love, He loves himself and all the different forms of life around him. Loving himself means he can love others just as well, he takes care of his health, his body, plus his spiritual and energetic wellbeing. 


He is present and aware of what is possible. He knows how to show his strength and is willing to face his weaknesses without shame. He is confident in the know-how and is willing to emotionally penetrate his partner. He wants you to be unafraid, so he is honest, open, communicates clearly, and non violently.  He is passionate plus skillful, knows and wants to learn, he will watch, listen, and adapt to your needs, stimulating purposely and smoothly without a predetermined destination in mind. 


This man loves to push limits in life respectfully and attentively. He is generous with his love and in his love-making. He knows there are many levels of intensity, thus enjoys riding the waves of life and ecstasy. 





Men, Imagine what it would feel like to walk around this world with absolute sexual confidence?


Being aware of the importance of male sexual confidence is the life hack worth investing In. If a man finds himself lacking the required degree of performance, he must do all within his powers to find ways to regain the confidence to boost the performance.


Did you know, when a man feels like he is failing in the bedroom, he will start to feel like he is failing in other aspects of his life?


Building sexual confidence cannot be done through some magic spell, he (meaning you) has to do some real efforts to regain the confidence in bed.

Sometimes you need a little help to pull you out of your discouraging mind frame and reconnect you with the inner stud that you are. So you can become present in your desires, excitement, and sexual appetite, without feeling shameful or judged within your own body. Not being present within yourself can lead to immense complications when it comes to intimacy, which might lead to misunderstanding and frustration. Self-disconnection from oneself and connections with lovers can cause a sense of helplessness, anxiety, causing many core issues men have like incompetence, lack of confidence, and usually high or low libido.  


 Let me exposed you to the real meaning of the sacredness of your sexuality reveal to you what this means to be a healthy sexual male. Let me reveal to you the instruction to prepare your body for colossal amounts of pleasure. 



Now is the perfect time for a brand new set of rules. Rules that liberate your masculinity and transform the realm of possibility.  

“To experience the most profound levels of sexual ecstasy, we must be willing to release, even if only temporarily, the drive for explosive orgasms and surrender to a quest for self-discovery and healing.” 

             Michael Mirdad




12 Week Men's Mastery 

 Redefining Sex 


Hunter mentality 

New Definition of Sex

Emotional Release

Power up your Sex 

Asking for Sex


Desires, Fears, and boundaries 

Prepared for Sex


Receiving your partner 

Full Tantric Man

Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit-Sex Connection

Tantra Theory

Element Meditation 

Conscious Breathing

Holistic Healing 

Semen Retention

Lingam massage 

Male Sexual Yoga

Tantric Selfplay 

The Woman In MY BED

Opening the Temple

Female Anatomy

She's Expressing

Honesty and Connection

Erectile Tissues, and Erogenous Zones

Vitamin D - I feel Good Hormones

4 stages of Orgasm

Slow down 

Kissing, Breasts, Touch, Intercourse

Be the lover



A man can journey as far and as deep as he has the courage to go into himself, connecting his heart, sexuality, and his power. - G. Sudholz

Male Sexual Mastery


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