• You need to release your fear, shame, and guilt you have surrounding your idea of SEX. 

  • You are curious about how to use SEXUALITY as a path of spiritual development.

  • You want to learn how to LOVE your self first! 

  • You desire to be a more experienced LOVER 

  •  You want to learn more about HOW the Ancient Secrets of TANTRA can help you tap into your self-expression, your sexual-expression,

  • I CAN teach you how to Respark your Sexual Potential.

  • You want to go from having "good" sex, to MIND-BLOWING, out-of-this-world, drive my partner crazy SEX instead. 

  • You want to experience several different types of ORGASMS, and multiple orgasms 


Why would I do that, you wonder...


I am Sunshine Ryan

I am here to help you learn all of that...


Here is what you might not know about me. 

I came from a very disempowered and shut-down place around my sexuality and femininity. Tom-Boy was what they called me. Over time, I felt more like I was a soul floating unattached to my body. I looked in the mirror and hated who was staring back at me, I stunted my personal growth and couldn’t fully understand or grasp what it meant to be a woman with a creative, sexual, sensual body. So I deny it.  With my traumatic background I never felt like I belong, I became, what one would call, a statistically pregnant teen. I thought at the time, that the love I was lacking in my own life, that I would be able to create that missing emotion by starting my own family.  I would be able to provide love to a child. I grew up in a very hateful, judgemental racist environment. I am biracial, people didn't want me to be part of there group.  I learned to perform for others instead of being seen as I am. My defense was to befriend and camouflage myself before others could point fingers at me.

Over the years, I have learned to dance with the creation of life, found my melody, and more importantly, I rebirth me.

In 2009, I earned a degree in psychology, This is where I learned to love people as they are.  Over my lifetime I have study many fields including parenting, early childhood development, nursing, birthing, self-hypnosis, meditation, holistic healing, sexology, and massage therapy. After my last child, Calypso was born, I wanted to share my story with women what I learned about being a mother. So In 2010, I started teaching Hypnobirthing birthing classes and became a birthing doula attending over 35 births while living in Hawaii. At these births, with other moms, watching babies being born is where I found my calling, not only I was a mother of five beautiful children. This is where, I first started to identify myself as a powerful, intelligent, supportive, passionate, inspirational, loyal, wise, experienced woman, healer, and practitioner.

But Yikes, something was still missing… Oh yes, my Sexuality.. Instead of just owning it, I over the past 6 years, have learned how to master it. And now it’s my responsibility to share it.

Today, I’m Blessed to Call Myself A Professional and Sought After, Massage Therapist, a Birth Educator, and Doula. Who Specializes in Women’s Emotional and Sexual Health, Personal Empowerment, and Potent Healing. 

 I am what one would call Modern-day Sexologist and Authentic Tantra Sexual Practionier for Adults.

And the reason I’m doing all of this is that I know one thing for certain:

We are all filled with this transformative inner compass and expressive energy. When you learn how to unlock this powerful inner source, you're going to learn how to go from feeling small and unempowered to feeling spacious and immense in your own existence.

This is about healing yourself from the inside out on a cellular level. This is about so much more than just sex. This practice and these teachings are so you can feel the vitality of who you are, without question. Invoking the passion, and potency of your life that lives within your being. I am not just a doula, holistic healer, touch expert, and sexologist practitioner. I am teaching people how to tap into the bliss and abundance of everyday life. So they can get a deeper sense of WHO THEY ARE. 

Because everyone should be madly in love with who they are.

This is something everyone should do for themselves.

Sometimes all you need... is a little help from a friend! (That’s me, just in case that wasn’t obvious: )